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Basketball IQ

Basketball might be the most complicated sport when it comes to understanding all of the rules of the game.  This is because your goals and objectives are constantly changing throughout the game depending on the time, score, fouls, and many other variables.  The Basketball IQ section aims to break down different areas of basketball into simple 30 minute classes that are easy for all students to understand.  

Classes include:

Man to Man Defense

Time & Score

1/3/1 Defense

Post Moves

Rebounding/Boxing Out

Basketball Basics

2/3 Defense

1/2/2 Defense

Pick & Roll

Free Throws

Press/Press Breaker

Already know the basics of basketball, but need help continuing both your physical and mental growth?  This section is geared towards athletes in 8th through 12th grade.  It aims to help them set realistic and time sensitive goals, develop skills to mentally prepare for each contest, identify both their strengths & weaknesses, help them understand, accept, and fulfill their current roles, and even offers recruiting assistance.  

Goal Setting

Strengths & Weaknesses

Mental Rehearsal

Understanding Roles

Get Recruited

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